Monthly Archives: October 2010

Mango Tree stun the crowd by receiving “Excellence Franchise Business Performance Award”

What a breathtaking news that this year COCA family could get other two prestigious awards from the Ministry of Commerce Thailand for both COCA & Mango Tree Restaurants. While also  receiving a top award for Excellence in Franchise Performance for the Mango Tree Restaurant!


Above and beyond, Coca restaurant and Mango Tree also received certificates of “Franchise Quality Award” held on Oct 26th, 2010 by Department of Business Development. This award was presented by Mr. Alonglorn Ponlaboot, Deputy Minister of Ministry of Commerce, and received by Mr.Trevor MacKenzie, Global Development director of Exquisine Systemand Mr.Adinan Manasukcharoenporn, Area Manager of COCA restaurant Thailand.

Moreover, Mango Tree won“Excellence Franchise Business Performance Award” out of over 100 companies who qualified.After received the award,Khun Trevor  won the hearts of Thai officials and other award winners by making a great thank you speech in Thai. “As we continue to grow so does my Thai language skills”

This definitely is the fantastic news of the month. These two awards absolutely proved how successful we have become at improving our franchise system and moving forward in international franchising.

“Let’s keep an eye on what the next step of the COCA Family is in 2011!!”