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COCA Group of Restaurants Receives 2 Franchise Awards

COCA Group of Restaurants received an Award for Excellence in Franchise Leadership for helping to lead the way in franchise standards and vision for Thailand, as well as, their many efforts in assisting the various departments to establish Thai franchise standards that can compete internationally.

10_November 15, 2011

On November 26th, Ministry of Commerce of Thailand announced COCA Group of Restaurants was to receive a Franchise Quality Award 2009 (FQA 2009). Main purpose of this event is to giveThai franchise brands a standard to guarantee their quality and performance .

10_November 15, 2011_2

The award was presented by the Deputy Minister of Ministry of Commerce, Mr. Alongkorn Ponlaboot and received by Global Development Director of Exqusine System, Mr.Trevor MacKenzieon behalf of COCA Group of Restaurants.