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TOKYO, JAPAN – Global Thai restaurant operator Mango Tree Worldwide is celebrating 15 years in Japan with the opening of its sixth Mango Tree Kitchen outlet as well as a full re-design of its flagship Tokyo restaurant that originally opened in 2002 which will re- open at the end of June.

In addition, Mango Tree Worldwide will also grow the COCA brand with a new outlet planned for Shinjuku to bring its total portfolio to 23 restaurants in the country – the first COCA restaurant launched in Japan 30 years ago.

“Japan is our biggest market globally,” said Mango Tree Worldwide Managing Director, Trevor MacKenzie. “We have a long and very successful association with the country and we are very pleased to evolve and grow in one of the most dynamic culinary destinations in the world.”

For the refurbishment of the flagship Tokyo restaurant, Mango Tree have entrusted the services of Tanaseisha, led by Principal Creative Director Taisuke Kamigaichi.

The re-design of the outlet will include a complete conceptual overhaul for a more lifestyle feel where diners will be encouraged to hang out at the venue later in the evening entertained expert mixologists who create Thai-inspired cocktails for diners. The new look and feel will embrace the modernity in Thai design, fused with a classical minimalist ethic to create a space that is inclusive and social.

Yoshio Kojima – Mango Tree Japan CEO  Trevor MacKenzie – Mango Tree Worldwide Managing Director


In addition to the design overhaul, Mango Tree will also open its sixth Kitchen brand in Japan called “Pad Thai” – the destination where they pioneered the concept – which expands the portfolio of kitchen concepts that have been so successful like the Mango Tree Kitchen “Gapao” and Mango Tree Kitchen “Khao Mun Gai”.

Mango Tree Kitchen specialises in fast, energising, active dining for people on the run, highlighted by Pad Thai – cooked live – and a selection of other best-loved Thai dishes including Khao Mun Gai (chicken rice), Yam Talay (spicy seafood salad) and Gapao Moo Kai Dow (spicy pork with basil and fried egg), washed down with fresh juices or draft beers.

“We are very excited by the new developments and growth in Japan where Thai food is very well received by Japanese diners,” said Mango Tree Japan CEO Yoshio Kojima. “More and more Thai travellers are visiting Japan each year and we are pleased to count them also as our guests as is shows they believe in and recognise the quality of the brand and the authenticity of the cuisine.”

Mango Tree Tokyo is located on the 35th floor of Marounuchi Building in downtown Tokyo – minutes from Tokyo station – where the Mango Tree Kitchen “Gapao” is located and where the new Mango Tree Kitchen “Pad Thai” will open this August. The Flagship will reopen on July 1 for diners.