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Imagine the best of two great culinary traditions artfully combined in one deliciously unique menu where each dish is a gem. Founded in Bangkok in 1957, COCA honours the origins of Cantonese cooking while adding the freshest Thai ingredients, as well as and seafood and meats sourced from the world's best to create its renowned Thai-Chinese cuisine, complemented by its signature hotpot.

Maine lobsters and Kobe beef. Delicious vegetables and healthy Thai herbs. Dim Sum prepared by Hong Kong chefs. And hotpot that is pure comfort food and participatory dining at its best, reconnecting families and friends in stylish restaurants buzzing with life, energy and conversation.

Coca's commitment to our customers' health is legendary. We serve top French wines, Australian meats, US turkeys, and locally grown produce and herbs. Our dishes are healthy, fresh, nutritious, organic in many cases and hormone free, cooked with less oil and salt and no MSG.


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