September 7, 2018

(7th September 2018, Hong Kong) Overlooking the panoramic view of the stunning Victoria Harbour, top-rated Thai restaurant Mango Tree at Elements has always been one of the favorite destinations for Thai food lovers. Always looking for new and unique flavors, Mango Tree Executive Chef Anunte Sae-ung recently visited the Northeastern part of Thailand, this time bringing back to Hong Kong exceptional Isan local dishes made only with the freshest ingredients.

Unlike the popular Thai cuisines from the middle of Thailand such as Bangkok, Thai food from Northeast Thailand is relatively less familiar to food connoisseurs from Hong Kong. Neighboring the mountain area next to Laos, Northeast Thailand specializes in agriculture and stock farming. The lack of rich and exquisite food ingredients in the area makes ordinary and filling ingredients such as sticky rice and meat very popular amongst the local, yet this traditional yet enticing taste from the Northeast has always been one of the favorite local cuisines in Thailand as it constantly maintains a very high ranking on Thai food websites. The strong spicy flavors of Isan is also one of its specialties; in fact the famous Green Papaya Salad is originated from this region.

People from Isan utilize food ingredients according to seasonality. The Isan Style Papaya Salad, Spicy Beef Offal Soup and Traditional Pork Skewers are simple yet distinctive dishes. The Sour Mango tastes fresh and rich and is best enjoyed with our special dipping sauce. The Isan Fried Chicken and Deep Fried Pork Fillet challenge the chef’s ability on time control and preparation management. The Signature Northern Thai Barbequed Chicken and Yellow Curry Noodles offer a typical flavour of northeast Thai street food. Added with seafood, the Traditional Thai Style Fried Rice and Steamed Seafood with Red Curry Paste showcase the creativity of our executive chef as he elevates the ordinary taste of a dish with the additional of innovative enticing flavours.

Mango Tree Local Gourmet Journey to Northeast Thailand

Promotional Period: 3 September to 30 November

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Mango Tree Executive Chef Anunte Sae-ung paid visit to northeast Thailand

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