March 2, 2015

BANGKOK, THAILAND – Mango Tree Worldwide – the leading global restaurant group in modern Thai dining – has augmented its strategic international expansion after entering China for the first time with its signature brand Mango Tree, announcing itself in major seaport city Qingdao.

Trevor Mackenzie - MD Mango Tree

Trevor Mackenzie – MD Mango Tree

Mango Tree managing director Trevor MacKenzie said the launch of the Qingdao restaurant would be followed by a rollout that would see the brand open eight restaurants in three years.

“Mango Tree’s reputation as the world’s top Thai lifestyle restaurant brand has been built on innovation, and we have continued that trait in China by not following the pack and planting our first flag in crowded markets like Shanghai and Beijing,”

he said.

Mango Tree Qingdao

Mango Tree Qingdao

Mr MacKenzie said one of the most exciting aspects of the Chinese market was the fact that a rapidly increasing number of Chinese were being introduced to Thai cuisine on the back of an explosion of outbound tourism to Thailand.

“This is a relatively new market for Thai food but with five million tourists visiting Thailand last year and the number continuing to grow, it is building considerable demand,”

he said.

Qingdao, with a population of nine million, has joined an impressive stable of more than 70 Mango Tree and sister brand COCA restaurants in key cities including Hong Kong, London, Tokyo, Dubai, Washington DC, Mumbai, Jakarta and Manila. They are underpinned by original Thai cuisine with a creative, contemporary twist.

Mango Tree Qingdao is a spacious restaurant that includes a natural garden outside, three private rooms, elevated seating and a lounge area. It is located in an up-market mall with a high footfall from a growing well-heeled and highly educated younger generation.

Mango moments:

Goong Mae Nam PowGoong Mae Nam Pow will be on the menu in China.

Succulent specials:
Yum Poo Nim

Yum Poo Nim will head a fresh seafood selection.

Mr MacKenzie said Qingdao diners would be introduced to an experience where passion and vision had created a fashionable, stylish restaurant with a relaxed ambiance, good music and of course superb Thai cuisine. He added Qingdao’s younger generation, like the regional trend, was increasingly going to malls, and Mango Tree was ideally placed to cater to the city’s ‘lifestyle’ atmosphere.

“I really like the people here and the area,” he said. “It’s on the sea, there are great beaches and people smile. The laid-back air is in keeping with what Mango Tree delivers. It also gives us a great opportunity to work the array of fresh seafood available here.”

Mango Tree Worldwide will have 80 restaurants and cafes by 2015, with plans to double its annual turnover to US$100 million within two years.

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